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St Jude Roman Catholic Church: Capital Campaign Website and Bulletin

St Jude Masthead

Maureen Getchell of Getco Company, Committee Chairperson Barbara Kruk and Fr. Gregory Yacyshyn agreed that Getco Company should design a website and create a social media presence for the Shrine Church's fundraising efforts. The St. Jude Capital Campaign has begun to raise money to rebuild the old Shrine Mission Church and St. Jude Shrine complete with a Lourdes Grotto and Rosary Walk. 

Chairperson Barbara Kruk said, "Our goal is to Remember, Rebuild and Renew the mission church to its former glory. We are excited to have Getco Company work on this project."

Fr. Greg Yacyshyn added, "I have worked with Maureen [Getco Company] when she redesigned of St. Jude's Bulletin. She will create a beautiful and professional website of this there is no doubt." 

Maureen Getchell added, "St. Jude is my personal parish. I am proud they have hired my firm to design an online presence. I look forward to presenting St. Jude in a most positive light." 

St Jude Bulletin
St Jude Shrine