Case Studies

All Island Fuel: Website, branding, email and social media campaigns

Getco Company and All Island Fuel have begun working on Web Development, Social Media and SEO for their new oil services website and social media. 

“We chose Getco Company because they are known for their dedication to the client and we heard such great reviews from Long Island Party Guys that we decided to follow their lead.“ said, owner Randy Hyland.

Maureen Getchell of Getco Company added, “we are really excited to work with All Island. We want to make a site and social connections that will create relationships with their customers while constantly adding new ones."

The new All Island Fuel website is scheduled to launch around Thanksgiving.

New Horizons Party: Election Campaigns

New Horizons Party

"Last year Getco was so successful putting together an entire comprehensive design for our political party it was a no-brainer to use them again. Maureen instantly understood our vision and made it better than we could have imagined." said, Trustee Maura Spery.

"I really loved working with the candidates. Their ideas for the village are spot on. It was a pleasure to create their presence." said, Maureen Gtechell from Getco Company.

Trustee Bruce Summa added, "Getco helped get us elected. They are unbelieveably professional at a great price. Exactly what we needed."

MBPOA: Website and Marketing Materials

The website highlights the beauty of this area. The Mastic Beach Property Owners Association is a completely unique place on Long Island. It is a homeowners association that is completely open to the public.

"We want the world to see how unbelievable this corner of Long Island is!" said, MBPOA President, Gerry Ludwig, "Maureen does a great job, we couldn't be happier." 

"Mastic Beach is something special. It will explode in a few years once the hipsters and professionals who built up Williamsburg and Park Slope see that there is an affordable beach community closer than the Hamptons. The MBPOA needed to be ready and now they are." said, CEO of Getco Company, Maureen Getchell "Mastic Beach is the place to be!" 

The Mastic Beach Property Owners Association is located at 31 Neighborhood Road in Mastic Beach.