Case Studies

St Jude Roman Catholic Church: Capital Campaign Website and Bulletin

St Jude Masthead

Maureen Getchell of Getco Company, Committee Chairperson Barbara Kruk and Fr. Gregory Yacyshyn agreed that Getco Company should design a website and create a social media presence for the Shrine Church's fundraising efforts. The St. Jude Capital Campaign has begun to raise money to rebuild the old Shrine Mission Church and St. Jude Shrine complete with a Lourdes Grotto and Rosary Walk. 

Chairperson Barbara Kruk said, "Our goal is to Remember, Rebuild and Renew the mission church to its former glory. We are excited to have Getco Company work on this project."

Fr. Greg Yacyshyn added, "I have worked with Maureen [Getco Company] when she redesigned of St. Jude's Bulletin. She will create a beautiful and professional website of this there is no doubt." 

Maureen Getchell added, "St. Jude is my personal parish. I am proud they have hired my firm to design an online presence. I look forward to presenting St. Jude in a most positive light." 

St Jude Bulletin
St Jude Shrine

Mastic Beach Village: Marketing and Public Relations

Village Logo

Getco Company under the leadership and guidance of Shawn and Maureen Getchell, answered the Request for Proposal by the Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach in March 2015. The village was looking for a firm to handle all marketing, advertising and public relations for the government. Presentations were collected and the village's advisory Marketing Committee looked them over. They chose the firm who met the goals of the village and had a clean clear and precise presentation. The committee decided on three firms and their gave their recommendation of Getco Company to the Mayor. The Board interviewed three final firms and made their decision on May 12th when the majority of the board listened to their advisory committee of citizens and voted for Getco Company.

Getco Company was decided as the best firm for the job because of their vast experience working for Fortune 500 companies including Newsweek Magazine, TBWA\Chiat\Day, The Metropolitan Transit Authority and the New York Stock Exchange. The principals have lived right here in Mastic Beach for 15 years and they have a stake in the betterment of this community.

Mayor Spery said, "There were two criteria that put them ahead of the competition. First, they have loads of experience and their presentation was centered around Mastic Beach not themselves. Second, their president and vice president live in Mastic Beach. They have the unique perspective as locals. They are one of us. They are our neighbors. To choose a firm from Patchogue or Northport when there is a qualified firm right here in our village, it was a no brainer."

Trustee Summa added, "I have worked with Maureen and Shawn for a number of years. I first hired them to design my Village Crier website. They did an excellent job at the right price. Then we hired them to work on our New Horizons Party Campaign and they went above expectations two years in a row. We are on the Village Board today in part because of their professionalism. Getco Company is great to work with. They get the job done every time, on-time and under budget without any attitude. I couldn’t be happier to have them working for the Village of Mastic Beach."

"I wasn't a supporter of village formation and I have been an outspoken proponent for dissolution so I was quite apprehensive about having my firm apply for the position. My husband and business partner challenged me to turn the perception of Mastic Beach around and reminded me how much fun it will be! With the support of friends and family as well as Fr. Greg Yacyshyn at St. Jude encouraging me to think about all the good our talents could do for this community. I had to apply.” said, Maureen Corrigan-Getchell, President of Getco Company.

Shawn Getchell, Vice President of Getco Company said, "We accepted the challenge because we get out clients noticed. Mastic Beach needs to get noticed so we can fill those empty houses and beautify our downtown. This community needs a makeover and Getco Company can get it done. Maureen is a master of altering perceptions. She can point out the most miniscule bit of beauty and make people wonder about its value. She creates intrigue and makes people curious. The target market will want to know more about Mastic Beach. You'll see."

Maureen added, "Shawn can break down the most complex ideas into manageable bite site chunks to make them understandable and doable. He is incredibly creative and talented. The concepts he comes up with especially with way-finding and environmental graphics are amazing. Mastic Beach will look different... that I promise.”

The company is scheduled to start as soon as contracts are signed. They will be sending a representative to the Village’s Marketing Committee meetings. They also will be interviewing citizens via survey in the upcoming months to better understand the demographic the people of Mastic Beach want to attract and pin-point the image the people of Mastic Beach Village want to project.

New Horizons Party: Election Campaigns

New Horizons Party

"Last year Getco was so successful putting together an entire comprehensive design for our political party it was a no-brainer to use them again. Maureen instantly understood our vision and made it better than we could have imagined." said, Trustee Maura Spery.

"I really loved working with the candidates. Their ideas for the village are spot on. It was a pleasure to create their presence." said, Maureen Gtechell from Getco Company.

Trustee Bruce Summa added, "Getco helped get us elected. They are unbelieveably professional at a great price. Exactly what we needed."

Coupons By Karen: Website

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.19.38 PM.png

Coupons by Karyn is a small clipping service that handles, gathers, sorts, clips and lists coupons to help busy people save money.

"Coupons by Karen is a terrific online company that is really makeing a difference in a great many people's lives. Karyn provides a great service and we are happy to take part in makeing her online retyail store come to life." said, Getco Company CEO, Maureen Getchell.

"Getco Company was just fantastic in putting together a site that was within my price range and accomplished everything I was looking for." said, Karyn Markle, President of Coupons for Karyn.